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The ultimate objective of the Department of Education is to provide quality education to every Filipino child to prepare them for better life and a life long learning to be able to compete for the advancement of knowledge and skills to the fast changing world.

The year 2009 is an outbreak of both desolation and hope a thousand folds. From continuing as a Child-Friendly Division to enduring the ruins of Ondoy and Pepeng to rising up once more and welcome a new generation of students. Yet, misery depends upon our situation and not upon the circumstance. The DepED Dagupan City Division family struggled back to the limelight…

It is in this regard that the central task of educators of DepEd Dagupan City Division is to realized the fullest potentials of learners and develop all their valuable talents and eventually emerge as essential Filipinos who are valued and respected world-class participating in the global community.

We, DepED people in the City of Dagupan, pursue this task or mission with vigor and great enthusiasm, inspired by our vision.


On June 20, 1947, two years after the liberation, Dagupan became a city by virtue of Republic Act 170, a law known as the City Charter of Dagupan. This charter governs the operations of the city as an independent political entity with its own distinct zeal.

Dagupan City covers a total land area of 40,079,278.93 square meters or about 4,008 hectares (as per City Assessor’s Record). However, the digitized cadastral maps reveal that the sum of the lands within Dagupan’s boundaries is 4,446 hectares. It is bounded by the Lingayen Gulf in the north, San Fabian in the northeast, Mangaldan in the east, Calasiao in the southland Binmaley in the west. The city falls with latitude 160 01’ to 160 07’ north and longitude 1200 18’ to 1200 23’ east.

Based on the 2000 Population Census, the city had a total population of 130,328. The city’s population accounted for 5.35% of the Pangasinan’s total population. The average annual growth rate (1995-2000) of the city was 0.69% and having a population density of 2,931 person per square kilometer. As of 2006, Dagupan had a projected population of 147,023, an increase of 1.17% from 2005 projected population of 145,326.
Total population (projected) CY 2007 : 148,721
Annual population growth rate (2006-2007): 1.15
Population density (population per square kilometer): 3,344
Number of households: 29,580

Average household size: 5.03


Office of the Schools Division Superintendent and Asst. Schools Division Superintendent


The Dagupan City School Division is one of the fourteen schools divisions in Region I. It is strategically located at the heart of the province of Pangasinan. It is considered the shining metropolis of the north as it does not only serve as center for education but also known for being the melting pot for trade and commerce in the province and in Ilocos region.

It has completely risen from the debris of the 1990 earthquake in which almost 10 percent of its school buildings were damaged or flattened out to the grounds. Like a phoenix rising from its ashes to a new life, the Dagupan City School Division has also risen to a new life and to a new beginning.

The division is strongly composed of 33 complete public elementary schools distributed into four (4) districts. It has three (3) national high schools, namely: Dagupan City National High School, Bonuan Buquig National High School, and Judge Jose De Venecia, Sr. Memorial National High School; and two satellite schools/annexes, namely: DCNHS Carael Annex and DCNHS Salapingao Annex.

Complimenting the efforts of our public schools in delivering quality education in the city's more than 150,000 population are 26 high-performing private schools. Most of these schools are noted for their outstanding performance in national achievement test and academic competitions. Three (3) of them have consistently ranked among the top 5 high-performing schools nationwide.

The leadership and dedication of the Dagupan City Schools Division staff remains unparalleled with the strong leadership and dedication of our distiguished Schools Division Superintendent, Dr. Alma Ruby C. Torio, Ed.D. and her able Assistant Schools Division Superintendent Dr. Merlita P. Pasiliao, Ph.D. Their commitment to the mission and vision of the division to quality education can be showcased by the many accomplished programs and projects geared towards pupil/student and staff development, curriculum development, and physical development.

They have earned the respect and esteem from their colleagues because of their personal and professional qualities such as openness, approachability, intelligence, efficiency, humaneness, fairness and transparency.

Dagupan City

Education For All

School-Based Training Program

ALS Accreditation & Equivalency Test


We strive for excellence in all facets of life
That in sharing the best of ourselves, we work together
To build a just and progressive society
We acquire competence and skills to develop our full
potential in order to complement study and work
To put to practice the lessons we learn as
well as the virtues and values we cherish
We foster in ourselves personal integrity through
constant exercise of virtues to secure a
happy home and to spread a proper work ethic
We deepen and broaden our bonds by working together
in the true spirit of brotherhood, unity, solidarity,
and charity to contribute to the strength
of the institutions in our society
We promote the spirit of free enterprise so more can
be productive and perform meaningful tasks
pro-active before every challenge and ready
to convert problems into opportunities
We instill the spirit of discipline by giving
equal stress to rights and duties
By observing self-restraint and responsibility
in the enjoyment of our freedom
and in the creative use of our talents
We inculcate the spirit of diligence by working hard
and continuously studying well so that along with
competence and skills we can think logically,
express ourselves clearly and interrelate with
all others effectively and efficiently
We keep a universal outlook by being open-
minded, humble, and kind-hearted to foster
healthy relations with all men and women
who are as much God's children as we are.

These we commit before God and men.

DepED Dagupan City

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